“As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.” – Rumi

Before we begin our process together I would like to introduce myself to you and find out from you how you would like to navigate this particular part of your healing process. So I encourage you to book a 30-minute call with me to test chemistry and whether we are both comfortable to Camino together.

There are so many coaches and courses and teachers and trainers.
So, why me? This is where I am supposed to have a succinct answer that convinces you to book your coaching immediately. But, instead, glance over my website as well as my Well Worth Being website to get a sense of who I am, and book a free intro call to feel into whether you have come to the right place for what you are working with. 

On a broad stroke, what I offer is an authentic expression of who I am so that you can find the same in yourself; I am an energetic accumulation of my life force, my experiences, my research, my studies, my connections and my family tree; I am you in me and I am me in you.

More specifically, I offer various buckets of tools to draw from your unique well. I will give you an outline of your options and together we will devise a program that incorporates the specific tools that resonate for you, over a specified period of time.