“Each life is a pilgrimage intended to arrive at the centre of the pilgrim’s soul” – Michael Meade

We are already all we need to be.

Sometimes this embodiment of our true selves is beneath a lifetime of injury, trauma, addiction, illness, and subsequent compensation. Sometimes we have forgotten who it is we were born to be. Sometimes we have fought so hard to live a life for others we have lost connection to the life we are meant to live for ourselves.

I would like to invite you on an exploration; a pilgrimage towards your innate health and inherent intelligence, so you are better able to understand that which is blocking your way and better equipped to decide what to do with them.

Our process together is not primarily about adding anything but rather about working through a bespoke combination of tools to uncover all those things you already are so you can rediscover your connection with yourself and, thereby, with others … so you can be authentically YOU in a world that consistently tries to make you someone else. You have a unique gift that you were born to share with the world; this is your opportunity to shed the layers of who you’re not and find the courage to stand naked in the clothes you were born to wear.

I offer a unique combination of contained processes and experiences that we will tailor-make to most importantly suit your calling, but with consideration for your time and your budget.

I have a desire to help people get lost in order to find a new way. I am an explorer and know that the greatest adventures — on mountains and in life — come from losing the path sometimes so that the less obvious pathways can be found.

Whilst I am currently studying Integral Coaching through the UCT Graduate School of Business, this is not a beginning for me but rather a consolidation of all my beginnings. I was born to be a truth worker and this includes all the so-called careers I have travelled through in the process of unbecoming who I was taught to be in order to journey back to the me I was born to be.

It’s mostly much easier to go exploring over outer landscapes but what about the lesser travelled inner landscapes? When last did you go on an expedition to your Self?

We are all simply pilgrims travelling across the curved surface of this ball in the sky. Travel well. Because the destination isn’t in the future; it resides in every footfall. So that whether the practice is for a morning, a day, a week or a decade, the pilgrimage is always a complete cycle from beginning to beginning.

No matter where you are on either your external or internal journeys, I’d like to take you on an adventure in nature settings that integrates the two, by exploring your outer realities within the context of your inner landscape.

I like to call this a Soul Pilgrimage, a kind of Camino de Santiago that you can walk with me locally on the magnificent mountains around the Cape.

The Process:
After your initial free introduction call, we will embark on this pilgrimage by following the guidance of the symbols of the Camino de Santiago. We will be guided by the external sources to create an inner itinerary and packing list and we will then walk – either weekly or bi-monthly – creating a passport of destinations reached and travelling towards the you that you will know for the first time on completion of the journey.

This is a holistic adventure that can neither be prescribed nor predicted so give me a call or send me an email or complete the online form, and take the first step on an unknown journey … the fear of taking the leap of faith is always scarier than the actual leap.

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