To see full report click HERE. Our labs test over 87,000 samples system-wide to ensure that the great tasting water we deliver to your house everyday meets and exceeds all state or federal regulatory standards. document.createElement("script") As I submit this report, the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of delivering a safe and reliable water supply to the 19 million Santa Cruz County evaluates bacterial water quality at beaches and freshwater locations in accordance with State requirements. window._EP = ""; 801 W. San Mateo Rd. To acquire this publication in an alternate format, contact the City of Phoenix Water Services Department at We conduct thousands of tests each year to ensure the quality of your water to within one-hundredth of a part in a billion parts of water. Water Supply & Drought Planning. The City’s Water Resources Division aims to continue its mission of providing sustainable, clean, and healthy drinking water to its residents now and into the future. The nearly-70-year-old firm provides uncompromising water quality service to the greater Santa Barbara area. In 2019, the City’s drinking water met all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and State drinking water quality limits.